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Case Studies

Applegarth + Warrin

The Applegarth + Warrin Team is the #1 top performing team at Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty across San Francisco and Marin County with over $2 billion in career sales.

Since November 2022, Dynasty Management has been working with two of the top agents on the Applegarth + Warrin Team to help bolster their online presence on Instagram and Facebook through our personalized marketing strategy. So far, we've reached hundreds of thousands of people with zero ad spend and have become one of the most consistently viewed real estate teams in the Bay Area!

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Content Creation & Strategy

Dynasty Management created an all-inclusive marketing strategy across Instagram and Facebook, helping the Paul Warrin Sotheby's brand grow from getting 1-2 likes per post to now consistently receiving 100+ likes per post. 

From content creation to writing captions and hashtags, we took care of it all!


Paul Warrin Sotheby's Instagram


Kara Warrin Sotheby's Instagram

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Results &

When we began marketing for the Applegarth + Warrin Team last November, they had less than 800 followers across all their platforms, and was receiving about 2000 impressions a months on their posts.


Now, the Applegarth + Warrin Team has over 4000 followers across all their platforms and are receiving upwards of 50,000 impressions a month.


Our follower base is made up of San Francisco and Marin County residents, top-performing real estate agents and firms, and other high-profile individuals!

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